Shimon Haber - Catholic Church Invests in Guns, Tobacco, and Birth Control

Catholic Church Invests in Guns, Tobacco, and Birth Control

According to Shimon Haber, after ten thousands of cases about sexual harassments committed on the behalf of the priests of the Catholic, the question that is opened for us whether that organized religion is the basis for morality and ethics. But if you think that this is the only “dirty laundry” that this religious organization hides, then we have to disappoint you. The truth is much worse.

Although we have already written about how the German branch of the Catholic Church (KC), which earns hundreds millions of euros on

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Shimon Haber - Melatonin for sleep disorders

Melatonin for sleep disorders

Many people suffer from insomnia, have trouble sleeping or wake up often, claims Shimon Haber according to the latest studies. Therefore, they reach for drugs, which make them feel sick, but these medicines can also cause addiction. Furthermore, the sleeping and waking regulates melatonin in the human body, so some people take melatonin supplements, but the studies suggest that the results are disappointing. Fortunately,

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Shimon Haber - U.S. has the greatest number of prisoners in the world

U.S. has the greatest number of prisoners in the world

Nowadays, U.S. has the greatest number country with the highest rate of prisoners and convicts in the world, claims Shimon Haber according to some recent findings. Although, this information is not surprising, this is a country that imposes its concept of democracy to other countries. So, let ask ourselves: Do we need “pathocracy” – a system of government by psychopaths dressed as a “global democracy”?

BBC News published a special report, which delivers the number of prisoners for each country. The first position holds the United States with 2,193,798 prisoners (737 prisoners of 100,000 individuals). Therefore, it is not surprising that they have overcrowded prisons with a capacity up to 107.6 %. Their prisons hold 21.2% of prisoners, who have been convicted by the U.N. laws. Moreover, the U.S can brag with another sad figure. They have the greatest number of female prisoners – 8.9% of the prison population.

China, the most populated country in the world has a total of 1,548,498 prisoners (118 prisoners of 100,000 individuals) and 4.6% of female prisoners. It is interesting to remark that China had been attacked by the U.S. administration for their alleged deficient of transparency and civil liberties, but if we judge by the number of prisoners, then China holds a much better position than the world’s leading democracy. The second position belongs to Russia, with 874,161 inmates, which means that they have 615 prisoners of 100,000 citizens. In the last few years, their prison capacity has reached up to 79.5%, where 16.9% fell on the international prisoners.

Ukraine comes on the third position with 162,602 inmates, which means 350 prisoners of 100,000 individuals. Their prison capacity is currently at 101.3% – 19.5% of them are international prisoners, and 6.1% are women. India, the second most crowded country in the world, holds 332,112 prisoners, which means 30 inmates of 100,000 individuals, but their prison capacity has reached up to an alarming 139%, 70.1% of the prisoners were convicted with an international law. India has only 3.7 % female prisoners. Click here to find out more.

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Shimon Haber - Electronic contact lenses soon on the market

Electronic contact lenses soon on the market

According to Shimon Haber, the fans of Star Trek will surely remember Geordi La Forge that could see with the help of highly sophisticated lenses, which had different sensors and emitters. Although this technology is still unattainable, some scientists from South Korea found that their graphene lenses will create some new technologies that we could only dream of.

At a recent press conference, a team of scientists from the Institute of Technology and Science from Ulasan – UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology) demonstrated the latest generation of electronic contact lenses with implanted a flexible screen. The combination of graphene and silver nanowires creates thin elastic electrodes, therefore, this invention opens a new chapter in the electronics industry, and the application of such technology is virtually limitless. So far, the most transparent electrodes were used in touch screen, flat TVs, solar panels and lamps, but their main ingredient, indium oxide (ITO) is extremely fragile and breakable. Thanks to the combination of graphene, silver wire and ITO, the Koreans have created flexible and lighter electronic contact lens with a display of a single pixel.

Koreans tried these lenses on rabbits, but still, they had some doubts about the sensitivity of the human eye. As the testing proceeded without any problem, the Professor Jang-Ung Park’s team will patent this object that would allow people to have some incredible virtual capabilities, including browsing the web, seeing the environment in a way invisible to the naked eye. More precisely, this team will bring on the market what should have brought Google Glass. This invention will enable a number of medical applications, and the hybrid material of elastic electrodes could create a new generation of technological devices that have been solid and fixed so far. Click here to find out more.

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Shimon Haber - Olive oil helps prevent embolic strokes

Olive oil helps prevent embolic strokes

For thousands of years, olive oil has been a really important ingredient in people’s life, says Shimon Haber. Olive oil is also well-known as a great cure for many diseases. In addition, the consuming of olive oil can also help in the prevention of embolic stroke for the elderly people.

Recently, one research was conducted in France, at the University of Bordeaux and the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Bordeaux. The researchers were really satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, Dr. Cecilia Samieri from the University of Bordeaux proposed a new reunion in order to give some recommendations in the prevention of embolic stroke for the people older than 65 years. Elderly people experience very often an embolic stroke, so they believe that olive oil could be a cheap and easy way that could prevent it. Even though, this was not clinically tested, the science has confirmed what people already knew for years. Nevertheless, the scientists are not sure which component of olive oil is responsible for these protective effects, but the extra-virgin olive oil contains a higher concentration of phytonutrients, especially polyphenols (antioxidants). These components reduce the risk of heart attack, and lower the high blood pressure.

If you want to get any benefits, the quality is very important when you are buying olive oil. Some recent studies have proved that the “extra virgin olive oil” is healthier than the oils that are labeled as “virgin olive oil” or “olive oil.” The extra virgin olive oil contains higher levels of anti-inflammatory components, so they offer extra protection against undesirable inflammation. Other studies have shown that olive oil excludes the genes that could lead to heart disease and inflammation.

Another study conducted in Spain also supports this label “Mediterranean” diet based on olive oil. A diet that abounds in nuts and extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fish and wine had reduced the number of heart attacks for 30%. These results will likely change doctors’ opinion regarding the therapy they prescribe to patients. Click here to find out more about olive oil.

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Shimon Haber - Bones help regulate the metabolism

How the bones help regulate the metabolism?

Generally, people think that the bone is inorganic structure that only supports the body, says Shimon Haber. But a new study reveals how important can be the bone structure for the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. Nowadays, researchers think that the bone releases a hormone that is one of the most important factors in the control of blood sugar level and inflammation. This discovery could improve the treatment of two types of diabetes.

An insignificant presence of blood sugar could lead to a development of advanced glycolysis enzymes. They are not created by enzyme molecules of sugar and amino acids, but when blood sugar level chronically elevates, they could be produced in a great quantity. These enzymes cause a lot of damage to the bone collagen.

Bones are organic structures

A new study conducted by Columbia University discovered that bones are largely involved in energy metabolism processes. Osteocalcin is an important protein that produces osteoblast cells, which form the bone. It is commonly known that they increase the bone density, so it helps to direct calcium and other minerals in the bone matrix. Some studies of other authors make a comparison of the osteocalcin functions to vacuum, which sucks the calcium out of the blood and integrates it inside the bone matrix.

A recent research also shows that osteocalcin shows the direction to the pancreas in order to produce more insulin and to stimulate the fat cells to release a hormone. Adiponectin increases the activity of insulin receptors in the cells, and thus improves insulin sensitivity.

Bone tissue helps regulate the metabolism

Scientists discovered that a protein, which is released from the bone, could regulate the blood sugar metabolism. Osteocalcin is the first hormone who regulates the secretion and sensitivity of insulin. They also discovered that osteocalcin boosts the beta cells of pancreas that produces the insulin adds Haber.

The study inspired two general observations: On one side, the bone remodeling could be regulated by some of hormones who are derived from fat cells, and on the other side, the evidence that obese mammals have a tendency to be protected from osteoporosis.


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Shimon Haber - An operable quantum Internet

An operable quantum Internet!

After a team of scientists from a military laboratory in Los Alamos, admitted that they are for almost a two and a half years using a quantum Internet with specially designed routers and effective network of selected users, the media began to wonder what sort of technology is hidden away from the public eye, says Shimon Haber.

You are probably wondering, what is a quantum Internet, and what kind of importance it has?

Just for a moment imagine that all the data between computers is transferred without any sort of “movement” of any particles, and that the security of Internet data is unmatched, because if the “data” does not travel through the network, then it cannot be alienated. Imagine that there is a computer communication that is bordering with pure science fiction, and that looks like mind reading bit with the help of technology.

While civilian scientists are still dealing with the capabilities and performance of the communication, the U.S. military scientists at Los Alamos National Labs are enjoying all the benefits of Internet services on a quantum basis.

In the scientific publications “Technology Review” was revealed that scientists have fully ensured the security of this quantum internet:

“The basic idea was that the measurement of quantum object, such as photons, always changes. Therefore, any sort of hacking and spying on a quantum message leaves a trail that can be observed by all the recipients of the same”.

Dan Nosowitz from PopSci online publication wrote:

“This kind of communication is completely secure and any attempt of encountering the quantum network becomes obvious as physically changing of the transmission, i.e. it changes the quantum properties of the signal”, finishes Mr. Haber.

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Shimon Haber - Bananas - fruit that vegans might soon avoid!

Bananas – fruit that vegans might soon avoid!

Bananas, like any other fruit is “alive” even after being harvested. It breathes, suggests Shimon Haber. Under any normal circumstances, the process of breathing is the one which completes the ripening of bananas in the natural environment at 27 º C with natural moisture and under the influence of chlorophyll. However, supermarkets use gases to accomplish the same, and a new study brings a research on the layer of chitosan that prevents premature rotting of the fruit. What will this mean for bananas and how will we use them?

Bananas are picked green, and as such are transported in refrigerators to the supermarkets in all parts of the world. Today we rarely see ripened bananas in the supermarkets, as they are usually perfectly attractive, but often with bitter taste. The attractive yellow outer rind of bananas means that banana is “fresh”, but that ripening was unnatural. In supermarkets ripening is made by putting ethylene in the air. Ethylene accelerates the ripening and starch is converted to sugar during the maturation process.

But what is clear is that if this cheaper way to preserve bananas goes into service, and becomes widespread, which reasonably can be expected, it means that they will be able to cross vegans who consume bananas since the introduction of chitosan introduced and animal ingredients in bananas. What we need to know is whether the product declaration will support this and will we know exactly what we eat? We hope so, especially because of the large number of people vulnerable to things, finishes Shimon Haber.

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Shimon Haber - The Story about H1N1

The Story about H1N1

It was in April 2009 when in America emerged an swine flu. In the summer of 2009 reigned the general fear on every continent says Shimon Haber. The strategies of the governments were to spread hysteria, fear, and news about the great pandemic, while laying the institutions such as schools, hospitals and dormitories for the mass vaccination at the end of the year. However, even today it is not known how exactly the swine flu has emerged. The first theory is that it was made in Mexico, later that it has originated in Asia and it was transmitted through the people in North America.

The swine flu was the great pandemic that has never happened. WHO has consistently insisted that the virus will be unstoppable, even though there was not enough evidences to support this claim. The largest number of the cases were with mild symptoms, and many of them were recovered themselves, without medical help. However, WHO has sought the vaccination of all: especially the pregnant women, children, medical workers and every person over the age of 65 years.

According to a WHO over 18,000 people has died (but careful readers will find a small footnote “* A report on the number of fatal cases as the number of deaths was never tested or recognized in the interface with the flu.”) For comparison, the seasonal flu is killing 250,000 to 500,000 people per year.

The Swine flu, which emerged in 1976th has resulted in a vaccine that has killed dozens and injured hundreds of patients. There was propaganda from 1976th in which the American people were assured that there is great pandemic and that the swine flu vaccine is safe and effective.  After that it was left a wave of inexplicable neurological disorders in totally healthy people and as professor Haber is saying It was vaccinated 47 million of Americans and later 4000 of them have sued the U.S. government for the side effects of vaccines.

The recent studies are showing that despite the launch of a variety of different vaccines against influenza, including the H1N1, the population is remaining to develop infection of different types of influenza.

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Shimon Haber - Can animals sense diseases?

Can animals sense diseases?

In a society where lung and breast cancer is the leading causes of a worldwide cancer deaths, early detection of the disease is highly desirable says Shimon Haber. In many study, researchers are giving the evidence that the man’s best friend, the dog, may possess the ability to contribute to the process of early detection of cancer.

We all know that a dog’s sense of smell is stronger than the human’s – their sense of smell is up to 100 000 times stronger than ours. This capability has been used for decades in the form of dogs that are sniffing the terminals and looking for drugs. There are also military dogs that are detecting bombs. But in recent years many studies have been carried out on whether the animals, especially dogs, can detect tumors or other disease.

There is a study which discovered scientific evidence that dog’s extraordinary sense of smell can distinguish between people with early and late stage lung cancer and breast cancer than those in the healthy control group. Other scientific studies have documented the ability of the dogs to detect chemicals that are diluted in a very low dose, only a few parts per billion.

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